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Ööbiksaare palkmajad

who we are
and what we do?

Our company is specialized on building log houses, cabins and ancillary buildings, which could withstand harsh northern climate. Our goal is to offer best service and be flexible when it comes to projects and the wishes of our clients.

For keeping the good name of Ööbiksaare Palkmajad, we do our best to provide high standard buildings and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.



project of your choosing

Project of your choosing – You can select between products from our catalog or have a custom project made to fit your needs.


from start to finish

Hand-peeling, paring, fitting and assembly of logs. We select the best materials and turn them into beautiful house.


we build where needed

All buildings get erected to a place of your choosing – we prepare the ground, build foundation and do even interior.


We offer full service - from creating a project to building a walkway to your new home.

We offer full service package to all of our customers.

Having a full service contract, all parties will win – it is easier for clients to have an overview of the progress and they don’t have to worry about different ongoing matters; at the same time we can make sure that the quality standards are met on all stages of the construction. All projects are handled case-by-case in cooperation with clients to ensure, that the building is in accordance of clients wishes.

Services offered:

  • Log houses
  • Saunas
  • Cottages
  • Gazebos
  • Ancillary buildings
  • Watch-towers
  • Wooden benches and garden furniture
  • Wood slice walkways
  • Crane services

To get a price-offer, please contact us. If you contact us through e-mail, please add a description of the work and some information about the location, so that making an initial price offer would be easier.

 Our mission is to help you to create a cozy home, which would be comfortable and would bring joy to your life for many years to come

— Aivar Jallai, CEO —


Ööbiksaare Palkmajad OÜ

Aivar Jallai, CEO
+372 511 4215


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